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Brian's Mitsubishi 3000GT SL Page


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Appearance Modifications

I plan on doing many things to make my car stand out from others and give it its own style, so far i have installed a neon in the back trunk, and two underneath the dash board so that the floorboards glow green. Pics will be added here later soon as i get them developed. Also i just installed a mesh grill kit for the radiator grill, the intercooler grills, and the door vents. I also just installed a silver trik kit for the interior of the car and when i get these installed i will have pics for them too. Also installed a green neon in the front grill so that it will also glow. I have a whole bunch of ideas for the car but never enough money(life story). Also plan on installing neons underneath the car. Also i custom installed green blinking lights underneath the headlights that are bad ass! Looks like eyes at night. This spring hopefully i plan on purchasing new rims and tires for the car. Also plan on installing a neon trim kit for my dash in the near future.  New to the car are snake eyes which i just turned green, look real sweet.    Will have pics posted soon hopefully.  Newest mod is my indiglo guages which are only half way installed, center guages require taking apart the whole dash!  UPDATE: I purchased new rims in August of 2002, they are Kozei Snipe 18X9 rims with Kumho Ecst Supra tires size 265/35/18.  Pics are included at bottom










Just in and most recent install some Kozei Sniper 18" rims and Kumho Ecsta Supra 265/35/18 tires.


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