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Brian's Mitsubishi 3000GT SL Page


Appearance Modifications
Performance Modifications
Audio Modification
Plans in the hopefully near future
Pictures of my car
Other Websites about 3000GT and Stealths
Pics of other peoples 3000GT and Stealths
2002 & 2003 3000GT/Stealth National Gathering
Plans in the hopefully near future

Here is a short list on the modfications i plan on making


Neon in intercooler vents
Neon under chassis
Neon dash trim kit
Custom silver graphics along sides of car



New open cone K&N air filter
New Spark plugs and spark plug wires
2 and a half inch exaust sytem


New speakers inside car
New amp and subs

Any ideas at all?? Questions??? Comments?? Feedback?? E-mail me at

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