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Brian's Mitsubishi 3000GT SL Page


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2002 & 2003 3000GT/Stealth National Gathering
2002 & 2003 3000GT/Stealth National Gathering

June 9-11 Elkhart,IN

The 2002 National Gathering was the first National Gathering for the 3si car club.  It conisisted of 188 Stealths and 3000GTs.  Activities included Drag racing, autocross, road course, car show nd banquets.UMM UMM.
The 2003 National Gathering was held in St. Louis, MO.  Activities included: Drag Race, Road Course, Autocross all at Gateway International Raceway.  The car show was held at Hooters!!  It was an awesome 5 days and it was a great gathering!

Here are my pics from both National Gatherings (click on picture to view all my pictures)


For information about the  National Gathering  go to