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Brian's Mitsubishi 3000GT SL Page


Appearance Modifications
Performance Modifications
Audio Modification
Plans in the hopefully near future
Pictures of my car
Other Websites about 3000GT and Stealths
Pics of other peoples 3000GT and Stealths
2002 & 2003 3000GT/Stealth National Gathering
Other Websites about 3000GT and Stealths

Other organizations and people's website about Stealths or 3000GT

This is the 3000GT/Stealth International Website the ultimate site for enthusiats

This is a guy i talk to at a forum who has some mods that are a little more cost efficient for us poor 3000GT/Steal owners

3000GT / Stealth Lambo Door Kit Conversion

Anyone that owns a 3000GT or Stealth should sign up as a member of 3SI its a great website and connects you with thousands of other Stealth and 3000GT enthusiasts

Have any other sites about Stealths or 3000GT's??? E-mail them to Brian and i will add them to my list. E-mail me at

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